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The Sunbane data is an early collection of sector data files covering 35 sectors of Charted Space. The name comes from the the server used by the Traveller Mailing List as a data storage system. Initially created in 1989 by Dan Corrin to store, and make available, the TML archives. It was shut down in 1994.

The existence of the Sunbane server was announced on the Traveller Mailing List (TML) on October 19, 1989. Network connection, IP address, and domain name ( were supplied by the The University of Western Ontario. It was to be a backup site for the TML message archives. As an anonymous FTP site, it also allowed the members to upload additional data.

On 20th June 1990, Mark Cook announced he had uploaded the whole of the GEnie data, a collection of 35 sectors covering the whole Imperium generated by Digest Group Publications, for the members to review. In the announcement, Mark indicated that Joe Fugate granted him permission to published the data to the TML.

On July 31st, 1991, TML Listmom James Perkins announced the Sunbane server would be the primary TML archive site, keeping both the TML message archives and any and all Traveller material of interest to the TML members. In addition to the GEnie data, the archives held data for other sectors, starship deck plans, maps, vehicle and starship designs, rules and errata, and various programs of interest to the members of the TML. The site becomes the de facto distribution system for HIWG, as many of the HIWG members are also present on the TML.

The Sunbane server was shut down between June 13th and August 9th, 1994. The TML was moved to MPGN. The files were moved (mostly) to the site.

As the primary data upload site for the TML, and at the time the largest and most active Traveller Community, "Sunbane" became synonymous with the data contained on the server.

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