Strend Navy

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Founded in its current form in 860. The first officers were send to the best naval training center. At first there were six ships and 275 starmen. A large asteroid system defense boat and the royal yacht were the next craft added. Early successful operations included transporting colonial troops, laying orbital mines and destroying an enemy system defense monitor. An unidentified intruder fleet was also driven off by orbital weapon platforms and some deep meson gun sites.

Eventually an order for six battleships, four destroyers and twelve close escorts was placed. From these humble beginnings a massive ship building campaign followed. Unlike some other navies, the Strend Forces believe in an aggressive, in your face, bold show of force to intimidate would be enemies. Convince them that resistance is futile with your overwhelming numbers. Like many bullies, it is hoped that they will not be put to the test. While they specialize in rapid assembly and are well drilled fleet formations designed to look impressive. They are ill-equipped to carry out protracted, exhaustive military campaigns far from home. Their logistics and resupply chain, is not built to withstand that strain. If not quickly subdued, they will be forced to break off. Repair and maintenance, damage control, trained crew replacement are not good. The officer corps is loyal, but not creative. Many front line ships run short of well trained petty officers. There are an endless supply of raw recruits, but loyalty purges often cull officers that show too much initiative, or independent thought. Historically once battle is joined each ship tends to fend for themselves and coordination breaks down and the top down command structure can not keep pace with the rapid changes, and messages contrained by the speed of light.

The Sable des Etoiles (Trojan Reach 0504 B000899-D) System Defense Squadron

The Allemagne Interdiction Squadron Trojan Reach 0503 X688000-0

The Marseilles Internal Security Squadron Trojan Reach 0403 D540312-7

The Strend Home Fleet Strend Trojan Reach 0505 B436AFB-E