Sternmarine der Grosse

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Sternmarine der Grosse: The Grand Navy of Die Weltbund consists of 13 Fleets, rotated on a random basis during peacetime among the confederation's naval bases. Each fleet in theory is based on a Batron of 3 battleships + 1 fleet carrier and their auxiliaries; 5 cruiser divisions of 6 light or heavy cruisers, 4 destroyers; 10 destroyer squadrons of 4 destroyers each; and 16 escort squadrons of 1 light carrier, 1 destroyer & 8 close escorts. The navy is organized to fight corsairs, terrorists, & engage in punitive raids; not major external threats.

Standard uniform for ranks & noncoms are navy-blue jumpsuits with high collars. The left side of collar is decorated with the Die Weltbund flap. The right side of the collar is navy for ranks, red for noncoms, & gold for officers. Rank badges are also worn on the right collar. Headgear consists of a navy skullcap devoid of rank. Dress uniforms for ranks & noncoms are navy blue jumpsuits with a tight, waist-length jacket, & a short-billed cap with a frontal badge sporting the DW flap. The officers' are navy jumpsuits with a similar jacket with the exception that officers' jacket bear red, yellow, & black stripes at the cuffs. All ranks wear navy blue, mid-calf boots.

The Luftgrenadiers (which started as lift infantry units) perform as marines, drop troops & quick response forces. There are 28 brigades of 4 regiments each currently. Each regiment has 4 luftgrenadier battalions (2 companies with 3 platoons each), 2 grav-panzer platoons consisting of either artillery g-carriers of light grav tanks, a transport company of 24 g-carriers or 14 armoured launches. Most luftgrenadiers are armed with a mix of gauss & laser weapons. Luftgrenadiers normal wear are black jumpsuits with only the DW flag on the left side of the collar. The right collar is plain except for rank insignia. The dress uniform is a short-billed cap much like the navy except black, & the dress jacket is similar to the navy, except it is is left grenadier black. Boots are short. ankle-length affairs with tread for everyday boots, and flatter, smoother soles.

The Raumjaegers, originally started as DW's version of the scout service. Today they perform recon, special ops, anti-piracy & surveillance work for the navy. The workhorse of the Raumjaegers are 100 tonne scouts of the Serpent Class; secondhand or client state built Imperial S-class scouts. Destroyer Escorts (600 -1000 tonnes) or the newly acquired Kharis class patrol frigates ( 600 tonnes) serve as flagships. Also, the Raumjaegers possess 24 of the Wespe class escorts (particle accelerator armed S-class scouts) built by Beaumonde Industries for DW. Raumjagers uniforms are similar to the navy except for being in a gray/green color. Raumjaegers wear the same style casual & dress boots as the Luftgrenadiers.

The navy also possesses 4 mobile fortress built from nickel-iron asteroids: Verteidiger, Zertstorer, Racher, Schild.

Grand Navy battleships are name after personages of great importance to either DW or old Terra's space program. Carriers are named after worlds, while heavy cruisers are named for naval heroes & light cruisers for cities or towns. Destroyers are designated with the letter Z & a number. Frigates, close escorts and other fighting craft between 400-1000 tonnes are designated with the letter F & a number. Fighting craft under 400 tonnes are have the letter E & a number. Scout & courier crafts have the letter R & a number. Transport craft are designated withe letter H & a number, while medical ships have the letter M & a number. Fighters are marked by the squadron ID & a number assigned by the squadron commander.

Besides the Grand Navy there the Reitersquadrons of the Nobles. Consisting of SDB's and a few jump capable warships in the 200-1000 ton range, they form system navies funded by the various noble houses. Reitersquadrons have no set size and many are understated or overstated in numbers of ships & personnel. Many nobles also have agreements or issue letters of marque to corsairs. Reitersquadron ships are usually named by members of the noble families or by the crews themselves, with no system. Von Beck & von Bayern ships are known for their humor in naming vessels.

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