Stellar Reaches 12

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Stellar Reaches No. 12
Issue 12, Christmas 2010
Author Alvin Plummer
Publisher Samardan Press
Version Generic
Format PDF
Language English
Pages 73
Year Published 2010
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Available from Stellar Reaches


Cover Art: “Factory” © Sergey Skachkov
Cover Layout: Alvin W. Plummer
Contributing Artists: commander_bombast, Philippe Bullot, Christopher Gerber, Richard Jeferies, Jenovah-Art, Renan Motta Lima, Max V. Nimos, pushinfaders, Sergey Skachkov, Chipp Walters, Nikolay Yeliseyev
Contributing Authors: Alvin W. Plummer, except for “The Forsaken”, by Duncan Campbell Scott
Editor/Layout Design: Alvin W. Plummer

Table of Contents

Letter From The Editor ... pg. 3
BITS Task System ... pg. 4
Hegemony, Republic, Duchy: Part III ... pg. 5
Water War ... pg. 27
Daybreak ... pg. 37
Shutdown ... pg. 46
The Forsaken ... pg. 69
Legal ... pg. 71