Stellar Reaches 06

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Stellar Reaches No. 6
Issue 6
Author Jason Kemp
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Format pdf
Language English
Publisher FLTGames Gaming Group
Version Traveller D20
Year Published 2007
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Table Of Contents

Calling All Adventurers ... 3
Letters from the Editor ... 4
BITS Task system ... 5
Traveller Campaigning: Finding a Game ... 6
Adventure: Walking in the air ... 11
Adventure: Downed on Uzola ... 17
Empty Quarter Echo ... 23
Starship Datasheet: Shuttle ... 24
Starship Datasheet: Modular Scout Courier ... 27
Legal Text ... 30


Cover Art: Micki Kaufman
Cover Layout: Jason Kemp
Contributing Artists: David Askius, Bryan Gibson, Christian Kelley, Nik Kraakenes ), Mike Thomas
Contributing Authors: Jeff M. Hopper, Christian F. Kelley, Jason Kemp, Alvin Plummer, Mike Thomas