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A Star Chart is an astrographic map showing the locations of trade routes, jump routes, astrographic phenomena, astrographic features, anomalies, and the like.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The earliest maps of sophont societies, typically in the TL:1-3 tech epoch tend to be two-dimensional or 2D in aspect. By the time, a society achieves spaceflight, the need for accurate 3D maps becomes a necessity. Societies capable of achieving interstellar travel, whether NAFAL or FTL, need to record a variety of astrographic phenomena, accurate star notation, and nebulaic presence among other factors.

Modern star charts can display 2D or 3D representative images, properly record and notate a variety of astrographic phenomena, and record the presence of sophontic features such as trade routes, communication routes, jump bridges, and related data.

Most maps tend to be displayed by advanced electronic or computer devices although a few more traditional societies still use physical astrographic charts and a few such as the Eliyoh use even more exotic star charts.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

As sophont societies develop the technology to achieve spaceflight and later starflight, the need for accurate, well developed star charts becomes more acute. Astronomists from earlier technological epochs tend to develop useful maps of the stars, but they lack the details of later maps using closer sensor scans, and more detailed maps more suitable to space travel than scientific observation. From such, today's star charts in 1105 Imperial Calendar have arisen.

Selected Star Charting Voyages[edit]

  1. Core Expedition
  2. Perseus Project
  3. Solomani Rimward Expedition
  4. Turokan's Expedition to the Galactic Rim

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