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name   Signal-GK 04
author   Leighton Piper
available   [[Signal-GK/issues]]
canon   No
caption   Issue 4
contents   Editorial:3 Contact Lancians:4 Cybertraveller:8 CABAL:12 The demands of Justice:18 Port of call Ziruushda:24 Butterflies:28 INDISS:28 New Medicine:28 Breathless:31 Just another world:36 Library Data Old Suns:43 War Zone Old Suns: 51 Transponder alert:55
edition   1st
format   Periodical (Fanzine) (PDF)
SGK Issue 04a cover 350.jpg
pages   58
publisher   Signal-GK
version   Traveller The New Era
year   1992
language   English
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