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Generic Shotgun
Imperial Sunburst-Sun-IISS-Traveller.gif
Generic Shotgun
Group: Ranged Weapon
Tech Level TL–5
Size 1,000mm
Weight 3,750 grams
Cost Cr150
Ammo 18mm shell, x10 rounds
Manufacturer Various
Generic Shotgun

A Shotgun (4,500 grams loaded; Cr160; TL-5) is the basic weapon for maximum, shock effect without regard to accuracy. [1]

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The shotgun has an 18mm diameter barrel and fires shells containing either six 7mm bullets, or one hundred and thirty 3mm pellets. In each case, the projectiles weigh a total of 30 grams. Velocity for the projectiles is about 350 meters per second.

The correct tech level for the shotgun is TL-4, not TL-5. A shotgun may be fitted with a folding stock. [2]

Image Repository[edit]

The-Traveller-Book-pg-42-1982-K-Siembieda 18-June-2018a.png

Weapon Characteristics[edit]

A cylindrical magazine containing 10 shells is inserted under the barrel and parallel to it; cartridges are then fed automatically into the shotgun for firing. Reloading consists of replacing the cylindrical magazine and can take up to several minutes. One shot is fired for each pull of the trigger.

Magazines measure approximately 350mm long by 20mm in diameter and can be quite clumsy to carry. Shotguns are equipped with a sling for carrying.

Weapon Characteristics[edit]

Length: 1,000mm. Weight, unloaded: 3,750 grams (loaded magazine: 750 grams). Base price: Cr150 (loaded magazine: Cr10). [3]

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The shotgun is one of the earliest firearms developed and still remains very popular for hunters as the shot-filled shell is much more useful than conventional bullets for many kinds of game. Shotguns still pack a wallop especially when using solid slugs or sabot penetrators. A very wide selection of ammunition is available for most shotguns including a variety of shot sizes, flechettes, sold slug, incendiary rounds, kinetic sabot penetrators, expanding bean bags, door openers, carrier rounds, and many other kinds of rounds. [4]

Shotguns are a timeless weapon that come of age in the TL:4-6 epoch and are never really considered obsolete as they remain useful well into the TL:13-15 epoch. However, the weapon tends to be superceded by the Automatic Rifle, Assault Rifle, and the ACR. By TL:13-15, Plasma Weaponry and Gaus Rifles tend to predominate. Even in an era of High Energy Weaponry, shotguns with penetrator slugs are considered formidable weapons. [5]

Selected Shotgun Models[edit]

  1. TL-5 Shotgun
  2. TL-7 Assault Shotgun

References & contributors (Sources)[edit]

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