Shivva Subsector

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Shivva Subsector
EzjavrchaFadishivrTlensheplieFrenzhqleklOdlajIatsvlablAnzplefralTefechijBrajshtazChanzqlibrTledlziadStietlidShivvaDiachiniemZhodrkradlNiaqlIzderprjdiaEzh ZafrIshitlidlPlanchieflPadrebrAntneflkraDliablsaDliatsiaPa FlavrEzh EtsiaSeqiSutianoAnshernieprlenzh SubsectorQiedrkia SubsectorLieber SubsectorPieplow SubsectorForeven SectorShivva SubsectorLieber SubsectorShial SubsectorMassina SubsectorPieplow SubsectorAnika SubsectorMowbrey SubsectorFessor SubsectorLassana SubsectorTitan SubsectorXenough SubsectorReidan SubsectorRull SubsectorHarem SubsectorPiah SubsectorUrnian SubsectorShivva
Sector Foreven
Capital Shivva
No. of Stars 28
Majority Control Zhodani Consulate - 100%
Map Key Map Key

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

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Subsector Summary: 1116[edit]

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World Listing: 1116[edit]

The following systems and worlds can be found within this area:

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Astrographic Features & Trade Routes: 1116[edit]

The following astrographic features and trade routes can be found within this area:

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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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Polity Listing: 1116[edit]

The following polities can be found within this subsector:

  • Independent Powers
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  • Other Powers
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Native Sophonts: 1116[edit]

The following races (sophont species) are believed to have originated in this area:

  • Terragens (Non-human Terran races)
    • None.

Demographics: 1116[edit]

Significant populations of the following races (sophont species) reside within this area:

  • Terragens (Non-human Terran races)
    • None.

Major Historical Events Timeline: 1116[edit]

These are some of the more important historical events that have affected this area:

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History-Era: New Era[edit]

The 1116 population of the subsector was 56 billion, and the highest tech-level was 14 at Tledlziad, Diachiniem, Seqi and Shivva. 1202 population is 95.6 Billion, a reflection of the Zhodani Exodus. The highest tech-level is still 14 at the worlds mentioned above.

  • Shivva (Foreven A) subsector is defended by the Zhodani 116th Fleet from its headquarters at Diachiniem (0404). The fleet commander has developed an uncomfortably close relationship with the ruling council on Shivva, the result of preferential resupply and first pick of new warships coming out of the local shipyards. The Iadr Nsobl council and neighboring fleets resent this special treatment, but can do little about it given the current crisis. The fleet has used its strength in an attempt to coerce neighboring subsectors into an alliance with the Shivva council, but this has only infuriated their neighbors, and perhaps sped up the disintegration of local unity. The 116th has access to several TL E yards: Shivva, Diachiniem and Seqi(0807).
  • Shivva subsector is well developed, thanks to its close proximity to the Zhodani coreworlds. This proximity has attracted the tens of billions of refugees fleeing the bloody and still unexplained fighting that is consuming the core of the Consulate. Shivva means moonlight. Shivva currently possesses five high population worlds, with Shivva and Padrebr being the most important. Tefechij and Sutiano are of more recent vintage, thanks to the continuing Exodus.
  • Shivva itself, the Capital of the subsector has tech-level 14 and a class A starport. Shivva is a garden moon orbiting a gas giant in the habitable zonealong with four more around the same gas giant. Two more worlds are apparently captured bodies, one of which is found at the trailing trojan of the same gas giant, and another in an erratic orbit at the outer reaches of the habitable zone. The latter world of which is an Addaxur (Clotho) colony, with a population of 800 million Addaxur. One more garden world orbits the FlV far companion star. The total population of the Shivva System is 66 billion, with 43 billion at Shivva itself.
  • Shivva is noteworthy for being the first place to manufacture the Shivva class Patrol Frigate, the prototype of which first flew here more than 300 years ago. Many different versions of this ship (at both TL 13 and TL 14) have been manufactured throughout the Consulate, and a TL-15 version has also been licensed to the Regency and other neighbors whose trailing borders are the first line of defense against Virus.

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