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The Secretariat is the interstellar governing body of the Solomani Confederation, and consists of delegates who represent the worlds in the Confederation.


There are currently 765 seated delegates, one representing each significant self-governing world (World-state) or group of minor worlds (Pocket Empire) within the Confederation.

  • This number can change every decade with redistricting based on census results and economic performance. Although many claim that voting power is determined by corrupt political means and interstellar gerrymandering as well.
  • Delegates to the Secretariat are given one or more votes, depending on a formula based on their world’s contribution to the Solomani economy. To ensure that low population, lower-technology or economically depressed worlds are represented, several nearby worlds will be grouped into a multi-world district whose combined economies equal one delegate vote.


The choice of who will serve as a delegate is left up to the government of the world. The Solomani Parties of each world generally control that world’s government, so the membership of each world’s Party also determines who will represent it.

  • Where there is a multi-world district or a balkanized world, that district or world’s member governments vote to choose who the delegate will be.


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