Schalli Roller

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Schalli Roller
Tech Level TL–7
Mass 5.6kl, 5480kg
Cost Cr2300
Mode Ground (Wheeled)
Type Personal Vehicle
Speed 36kph
Cargo 500kg
Crew 1
Passengers 0
Armament none

The Schalli roller is essentially a large electric wheelchair intended to let these aquatic beings get around in a terrestial environment. They are built at the lowest practical technology level in order to make them readily available, as well as to eventually allow their construction on Schall, should the Schalli so desire. The are also designed to be inexpensive, to make them affordable to as many Schalli as possible. They are designed for use on flat surfaces. Schalli who seek better rough terrain performance use either contra-grav platforms or walkers.

The "bucket" in which the Schalli sits it partly filled with water. This provides some buoyancy for the Schalli's comfort, and also keeps his or her skin from drying out. There is a low-power mister which draws water from the bucket and sprays the Schalli's head.

The housing at the Schalli's chest level folds down as a work table, where the Schalli can use his four arms to maniplulate equipment.

The roller must be recharged every every 24 hours, usually while the Schalli sleep, and the roller is equipped with power cables and standard connectors.

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