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A Interstellar Safari most often refers to big-game hunting across Charted Space for dangerous animals regarding as challenging by hunting connoisseurs or experts.


It is widely believed that the term has Terran origins.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

While most often used for the hunting of exotic game, some use it for the observation of, photographing of, hiking, and sight-seeing in exotic locales, a form of tourism.

  • However, across a galactic arm filled with accomplished Aslan, Human, Vargr, and other hunters, the term is most commonly used to indicate the slaying of dangerous, exotic creatures for entertainment and accomplishment. This type of safari/hunt usually has a few professionals taking amateurs into the wilds.
  • Another type of safari focuses on the capture of live animals for various purposes, this is dangerous work and is usually performed entirely by professionals.
  • Remote safaris through drones and remote sensors have become increasingly popular as well.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

This popular past time has existed for several millennia and a number of starship manufacturers have built specialized Safari Ships in which to range Charted Space looking for exotic game.

  • Some call it wildlife tourism.
  • The custom of eating or mounting the game is not widespread. Some species and cultures practice these mores, while others have different tastes.

Selected Popular Large Game[edit]

Some popular and well-known large game include:

  1. Daghadasi
  2. Greater Crested Tusk-Boar [1]
  3. Grizzly Bear
  4. Ixtlil
  5. Kurrllo
  6. Lii-rats
  7. Lightning Reds
  8. Nightsleeks
  9. Nokhopii Worms
  10. Poisson-fue
  11. Sea Bears
  12. Snow Cats
    1. Leaping Snowcats
  13. Tarmo
  14. Valley Serpents
  15. Wypoc Dragons

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

While most safaris are conducted on garden worlds and related biological paradises, some safaris are conducted on worlds with a different profile.

  • This includes ocean worlds, desert worlds, and hunts not based on terrestrial land-based locales.
  • It is not unknown for some more discerning hunters to want to track down and kill the fauna and flora of more exotic hellworlds, fluid worlds, vacuum worlds, and more exotic locales.

World Listing: 1105[edit]

The following systems and worlds are popular and well-known Safari destinations:

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567-908  •  876-574  •  Ances  •  Bellerophon  •  Cod  •  Deewaa  •  Echiste  •  Fuquay  •  Gvaegnesosluezkaen  •  Haden  •  Irilikhokh  •  Khokharoethsunang  •  Khtearie  •  Kikuyu  •  Kirklend  •  Knorrvok  •  Kovuu  •  Lamadii  •  Liikirba  •  Menorb  •  Miku (Da 0818)  •  Mora  •  Nidavellir  •  Orrgto  •  Rurzsik  •  Shogun  •  Thengo  •  Tscho  •  Urduaan  •  Urgung  •  Ushkhuur  •  Wypoc  •  
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