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The SEC File Format is used by many legacy Traveller mapping format files.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

SEC File Format: This file format for a single Sector is a fixed field layout, typically described in the file header.

The data includes: the Primary World Name, Location within the sector as a grid reference, UWP, Bases present, Trade Codes, Travel Zones, Population Multiplier, Asteroid Belt count, Gas Giant count, allegiance code, and data about the types and sizes of stars present.

SEC File Format Example[edit]

An example for the Spinward Marches sector is provided below.

  • Note that the actual system data does not start until line 18 within the file.


The data in the sector text files is laid out in column format:

1-14: Name
15-18: HexNbr
20-28: UWP
31: Bases
33-47: Trade Codes & Comments
49: Zone
52-54: PBG
56-57: Allegiance
59-74: Stellar Data
Zeycude       0101 C330698-9    Na Ni Po De        613 Zh M9 V
Reno          0102 C1207B9-A    Na Po De           603 Zh G8 V M1 D

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

All known SEC Sector files can be found at the Traveller RPG Wiki, attached to each sector article under the data file link in the Infobox.

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