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A Rift is an astrographic area of low Stellar Density.

  • Large rifts are often significant impediments to interstellar travel in the era of J-6 jump drives
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Description (Specifications)[edit]

A Rift is a vast void containing very few, if any, stars, planets, or other bodies, though nebulae are sometimes present. Notable rifts in Charted Space include the following:

Greater Rifts (Four)[edit]

The four Greater Rifts within Charted Space are:

  1. Delphi Rift, covering much of Delphi Sector
  2. Great Rift, spinward of the main region of the Third Imperium
  3. Lesser Rift, trailing the main region of the Third Imperium
  4. Windhorn rift, coreward, mostly located in Vargr Extents space

Selected Lesser Rifts (Numerous)[edit]

There are many lesser rifts within Charted Space, some approaching the size of a greater rift, while others are barely impediments to a J-2 starship:

Selected Jump Bridges (Numerous)[edit]

Jump Bridges cross rifts. Some if the more prominent jump bridges located within Charted Space include:

  1. J-2 Amigu-Unlshplir Jump Bridge
  2. J-4 Gn'hk'r Jump Bridge
  3. J-5 Trans-rift Hierate Route or Great Rift Crossing or Verge Connector
  4. Pact-Remnants Mainbridge
  5. Saris-Yenisei Bridge

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Rifts are one of the few major impediments to FTL travel using jump drives within Charted Space. There are few ways to cross a rift, and known ways include:

Intergalactic Space & Exploration[edit]

Charted Space is but a tiny island on just one branch of just one galaxy, what Terrans call the Milky Way Galaxy. The Greater Rifts are very small disturbances within habitable tracts of stars in the Known Galaxy. Intergalactic space is vast in comparison, truly vast expanses of void between the galaxies, completely beyond any star-traversing technology projected in the near future if current research trends hold.

Coreward Exploration[edit]

No information yet available.

Rimward Exploration[edit]

Several expeditions to explore rimward space and perhaps even intergalactic space have been rumored:

  • Hiver Pangenesis Project of the Rim
    • No information yet available.
  • The Solomani Perseus Project
    • No information yet available.
  • Turokan's Expedition to the Galactic Rim
    • Turokan's Rim Expedition: Sometimes, in the back of seedy bars and taverns, salty old spacers talk of a legend, one of a great explorer and interstellar traveller known as Turokan. The legends vary greatly in detail and likely verity, but the general gist of the tales is that Turokan supposedly explored all the way out to the galactic rim... and back. No one knows the truth of it. Perhaps one day, a new band of interstellar travellers might explore the tale and bring back word of it to Charted Space.

Spinward Exploration[edit]

Trailing Exploration[edit]

  • K'kree Trailing Eradication

Rifts & Military Strategy[edit]

Modern interstellar naval strategy focuses on using rifts as a maneuver denying astrographic feature. They are as close as it gets to a terrestrial defensive obstacle in a world of three-dimensional starship maneuver within the vacuum of deep space.

Strategic Void Area Denial (SVAD)[edit]

No information yet available.

Jump Bridges as Choke Points[edit]

Jump Bridges, the conventional solution to smaller, more manageable rifts, take an immense outlay of resources and effort to construct and maintain.

  • A Jump Bridge is never an oversight and they are immensely vulnerable to hostility including piracy.

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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