Relay Satellite

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Relay Satellite
Type Communications Gear
Tech Level TL–6
Cost Cr10,000
Size 55 liters
Weight 50kg

A Relay Satellite device is used to relay communications over a planetary horizon. The satellite has solar power cells or can operate from internal batteries for up to 72 hours, accepting and relaying up to 10 channels of audio or 2 channels of video and 4 audio channels. The device can be remote controlled and can accept and hold messages until a coded signal is received. Modifications can be made to allow the use of burst communication which compresses a ten-minute message to only about two seconds of transmission time. The satellite has no motive power other than small attitude jets which use a compressed gas to change the orientation of the sphere. Assuming a stable orbit, the relay satellite has a useful life of about five years. The devices can be overhauled and used again. Three satellites orbiting equidistant from each other can relay communications to almost any point on a planetary surface. Equipped with a long-range communicator, the device has a range of about 80,000 kilometers at maximum power.

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