Quick Worlds 4: Monroe

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Quick Worlds 4: Monroe
Publisher Gypsy Knights Games
Version Mongoose Traveller
Author John Watts
Format PDF
Canonical no
Year Published 2011
Pages 16
Available from RPGNow


Quick Worlds 4: Monroe (Book) Synopsis

Written with the busy Referee in mind, this product provides a new world in which to base your adventures. Details such as the system characteristics, the government, the law, and the culture have been laid out so all you have to do is drop it into your campaign.

On Monroe, your players will deal with a thin atmosphere, sprawling cities, and an entrenched bureaucracy.

Quick Worlds 4: Monroe (Book) Credits

Author: John Watts.

Quick Worlds 4: Monroe (Book) Table of Contents


Quick Worlds 4: Monroe (Book) Canonicity

This product is canon for Mongoose Traveller according to Far Future Enterprises, the owner and licensor of all canon Traveller products.