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'''Qithka01 Cannagrrh''' - [[Relict Clone]]  '''Inception:''' Vincennes DENE 1122 A899AA-G Hi In Cp
'''Qithka01 Cannagrrh''' - [[Relict Clone]]  '''Inception:''' Vincennes DENE 1122 A899AA-G Hi In Cp
* She is a female [[Vargr]].
* She is a female [[Gvegh Vargr]].
== Description (Character) ==
== Description (Character) ==

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Second Officer: Qithka01 Cannagrrh
Second Officer of Gvurrdon Sector and Regency
Born 1200
Ascended 1200
Died unknown
Preceeded by Dame Qithka Cannagrrh
Succeeded by unknown

Qithka01 Cannagrrh - Relict Clone Inception: Vincennes DENE 1122 A899AA-G Hi In Cp

Description (Character)

Genetic: 4654XX, Gvegh Vargr Pattern – Dame Qithka Cannagrrh 697AAC

  • Strength: 6
  • Dexterity: D
  • Endurance: A
  • Intelligence: A
  • Education: C
  • Charisma: C

History & Background (Dossier)

Inception: 57-1200 (Physical Age 18), ages at 26 (Life Stage 4), 34, 42, 50, 58 (Life Stage 8)

  • Professor: Accepted, Passed, 2 rolls, Major+2, Minor +1, Edu 12, Professor of Author/Actor
  • Flight School: Age 20, Auto entry, 1 roll, Pilot-3, Flight Branch

Refused to take the Dzen Aeng Kho polity Equality Test (again) in this iteration. Joins the Unequal instead.

Unequal Qithka01 w-Stripe.jpg

Qithka01 declares her Unequality

  • Merchant, (term 1) Age 24, CC: Str+3 caution, R+R Uninjured – No Reward, JoT, Starship Skill (Engineering), Broker, Trader, Computer, M1 (Steward), Promoted M2 (Third Officer – Engineer)

Aging at 26 – No effect

  • Merchant, (term 2) Age 28, CC: Dex-2 brave, R+R Uninjured – 1 Ship share, Driver, Trader, Broker, Trader, Dancer, Promoted M3 (Second Officer – Astrogator)
  • Rogue (Entertainer Scheme), (term 3), Age 32, CC: Edu 12, R+R Unharmed – 3.9MCr, High-G, Vacc Suit, Leader x2, Hostile Environment, No Promotion

Aging at 34 – No effect

Qithka01 Return w-Trav Stripe.jpg

The Dame returns in the form of her Relict Clone

  • Rogue (Entertainer Scheme), (term 4), Age 36, CC: Edu 12, R+R Unharmed – 4.2MCr, JoT, Broker, Soldier Skill (Recon), Electronics, Actor, No Promotion
  • Rogue (Entertainer Scheme), (term 5), Age 40, CC: Edu 12, R+R Unharmed – 2.7MCr, Actor x3, Gravitics, Pilot, No Promotion
  • Muster Out: Merchant – Dex +1, Ship Share, Rogue - Life Insurance, Dex +1, Ship Share
  • Fame = (20 pattern mother, Sector-wide) + 3 Merchant +6 Rogue = 29 if recognized as Dame or 9 (continental)

Aging at 50 - ??

Qithka's Traveller Gene.jpg

Qithka01 inherits her pattern mother's Traveller Gene

Author 12, Actor 8, Advocate 3, Astrogator 4, Admin, 1, Athlete 1, Broker 4, Bureaucrat 1, Comms 1, Craftsman 1, Diplomat 2, Fighter (Unarmed) 1, Fighter (Slugthrower) 1, Gunner (Turret) 1, History 1, Jack-Of-Trades 3, Language 3, Liaison 1, Pilot 6, Program 1, Sensors 3, Streetwise 1, Trader 6, Engineer (J-Drive) 1, Engineer (M-Drive) 1, Computer 1, Steward 1, Driver (Grav) 1, Dancer 1, High-G 1, Hostile Environment 1, Vacc Suit 1, Leader 2, Recon 1, Electronics 1, Gravitics 1 Gvegh 10, Anglic 9, Zdetl 8, Vilani 7, Knowledge (Entertainer) 3, Knowledge (Rogue) 2

Adolescent Centenarian.jpg

Qithka01 stands as a declared Unequal

  • Kfan Uzangou Institute of Composition (Author) PhD Rank 14
  • Society Naval Combat Flight School Rank 7
  • Life Motivations:
    • Merchant – Establish a trade route across Zhodani border
    • Rogue – To acquire the Bank of Dzuerongvoe and become a finance tycoon
  • Acquired Secrets:
    • Merchant – A face image of a pirate from Ksits Usathu Odzuetarug subsector
    • Rogue – A bearer Proxy for the Moot (quite dated and far misplaced)
  • Former Organizations:
    • Merchant – Dzuerongvoe Express
    • Rogue (as Entertainer) – Actors Promotion Society
  • Important Events:
    • Merchant – The Orsesokhin Run
    • Rogue – The Spectacular Performance on Orsesokhin
  • Life Pursuits:
    • Score big in interstellar trade – Trader – Int 10 + Trader 6 = 16 (min 12) +1 Mod
  • Masterpiece Autobiography: Danse Interstellar, a treatise on interstellar supply and demand and the consequences thereof.

Qithka01 Cannagrrh.jpg

Qithka01 Cannagrrh is the Relict Clone of her pattern mother the late Dame Qithka Cannagrrh. She inherits everything of the Dame's including her title, educational merits, memories and personality. But her core-anima is starting to diverge from her mother's pattern. Additionally, the Zirunkariish Life Insurance & Healthcare thinks they may have goofed and want to recall the contracted product for the late client. There is a nagging question as to whether BeastMasters, LIC was secretly tapped to ‘improve’ upon the Gvegh Vargr template of the Ancients’ design. Qithka01’s tested Dexterity and Endurance UPP seems to support the theory. This provokes Regency and Extents/Splinters Vargr racial pride and sparks demands for the truth from Zirunkariish, BeastMasters and Qithka01 herself. She must make a run home to Gvurrdon Sector, to Dzuerongvoe if she wants to see her dying 'uncle' Gevaudan...again.

Qithka01 Explains.jpg

Qithka01 confronts her 'uncle' Voellzoen

Qithka01 has a distinguishing mark in the form of a genetically altered fur coloration, a black ring stripe on her tail, which marks her as a Relict Clone. The stripe can be dyed but is otherwise permanent.


Qithka01 is frustrated at her tail stripe

Personage Timeline

No information yet available.

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