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The term Psion is used with at least two different meanings within Charted Space:

  1. A life form with the ability to use psionics. This includes sophonts and non-sophonts.
  2. A theoretical quantum particle used to explain the presence of Psionics powers.

It is a vocational term.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

A Psion, the user of psionics, may somehow manipulate psions, the particles, to cause real world effects.


Psions have some sort of an ability to use psionic powers that is not well understood by the majority of the science of Charted Space.

  • Some research scientists prefer the term Psionic for a user of psionics.
  • In spinward space, they are most commonly known as Psi's.
  • They are also known by the archaic term Esper on Terra and throughout parts of the Solomani Sphere.


A Psion is a theoretical quantum particle used to explain the presence of Psionics powers. While most serious researchers discount the existence of a psion particle or psion quantum wave, the term is frequently used by the press and marketing materials to explain psionics.

The theory suggests that the psion is an energy carrying particle similar to a photon or graviton, which interacts with matter in very specific ways. Usually used to explain the powers of Telepathy, it usually fails to explain the more gross changes generated by telekinesis and teleportation.

Selected Vocational Terminology[edit]

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Not all races can use the poorly understood powers known as psionics. What is known is that the effects of psionics are real, demonstrable, and repeatable. Some races such as the Zhodani and Droyne clealry have a more developed form of psionic science than the majority of Charted Space.


With the exception of a few of the more progressive polities within Charted Space, psions face widespread discrimination throughout Charted Space. Some, such as the Terrans, openly scoffed at the existence of psionics for many millennia until it could not be denied anymore. Not all interstellar societies scoff at psionics, but many do.


The Psion particle was first theorized at Deriigar Labs around the year -3 during a double blind test to confirm the existwnce of psionic powers. Researchers in the next room (who were working on an entirely different experiment) discovered their equipment was picking up a change in the quantum environment. When the two groups compared notes they postulated the observed changes must be an incidental effect of the use of psionic powers.

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