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A Planet-buster is a weapon intended to destroy a planet.

Description (Specifications)

As the name implies, this refers to devices able to destroy planets. Even at TL-15, such a device is not practical, though it primarily appears to be an issue of maximum achievable scale.

There have been many design studies around weapons to either "detonate" a planetary core, or slowly ablate a planet away. Many of them have concluded that, if (as is often the case) the objective is to merely ruin a planet's biosphere or annihilate all sophonts on a planet's crust, this is far more readily achievable by other means, which do not qualify as "Planet-busters" because they leave the planet itself mostly intact.

History & Background (Dossier)

It is theorized that the Ancients may have extensively used these devices in the Final War, turning may planets into planetoid belts.

Technological Overview of Planet-busters

No information yet available.

Technological Stages of Planet-busters

No information yet available.

References & Contributors (Sources)

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