Pirates of Drinax: Ship Encounters

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Pirates of Drinax: Ship Encounters
POD-Ships 350.jpg
Author Martin Dougherty
Publisher Mongoose Publishing
Version New Traveller
Format PDF
Language English
Pages 31
Year Published 2017
Canonical yes
Available from Mongoose

Ship Encounters presents a series of detailed ship encounters complete with mission, cargo and backstory. These ships can be used as repeat encounters in a starfaring campaign, or potential targets for pirates. Travellers who rescue a ship from attack might want to know who they have saved and what they were carrying; Travellers who are the attackers will definitely want to know what they have captured and what complications might ensue. Ship Encounters has the answers to all these questions.

Though intended for use with the Pirates of Drinax campaign, the ships included in this book may be used in any adventure.