Piah Subsector

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Piah Subsector
WepwaciTewupoLypkytanErodaHinatanpylEpepazapWeepoEstyskeTapsa-64PiahOpibOrtarghMerghyUrkardiTindadIpteteShortcutKulseRonskBestalaXenough SubsectorHarem SubsectorUrnian SubsectorKatanga SubsectorForeven SectorShivva SubsectorLieber SubsectorShial SubsectorMassina SubsectorPieplow SubsectorAnika SubsectorMowbrey SubsectorFessor SubsectorLassana SubsectorTitan SubsectorXenough SubsectorReidan SubsectorRull SubsectorHarem SubsectorPiah SubsectorUrnian SubsectorLassana
Sector Foreven
Capital Tewupo
No. of Stars 20
Majority Control Avalar Consulate - 55%
2nd Control Non-aligned - 45%
Map Key Map Key

Piah Subsector (Foreven O) is named after the very bright A4II star at Piah.

The j-1 Avalar Corridor connects 13 worlds in Piah, Harem and Python subsectors. Lypkytan, Tewupo and Epepazap are a part of the Avalar Corridor.

Piah was once the technological jewel of the Consulate, thanks to the high level of development on Tewupo (1738). Since the Collapse, Tewupo has lost its technological lead to nearby Avalar and Milne, despite its oppurtune location along the Coil. This is attributed to the increasingly heavy hand of its ruling council, and its narrow minded pursuit of its own edification over more profitable and communally enriching ventures.

The total population of Piah Subsector in 1116 was 27 billion. Its highest TL was D at Tewupo and Estyske. Its current Population is 36.5 Billion, and its highest TL is E, again at Tewupo and Estyske.

Two of the worlds in Avalar Space are the former Kamrathi League worlds of Kulske and Merghy. In the past, only experienced traders took the shortcut through these worlds from Urnian subsector to the heart of the Avalar Consulate, diverting via the old Kamrathi League, through Xenough subsector to coreward.

The reason for this traffic flow was a lingering conflict between several non-aligned worlds and the Consulate government. Several worlds resisted Avalaran attempts to annexe them, and often launched attacks on Consulate shipping.

The worst of these confrontations was with Shortcut. Possessing a strategic position along the main trade route through the middle of the subsector, Avalar spent years trying to coerce the locals into Avalaran allegiance. Despite frequent raids on the world by Avalaran naval and privateer forces, the local ruling council resisted through piracy and smuggling. After the Collapse, Shortcut became the target, with Avalar complicity, of a number of Enterprise attacks in the 1150s, decimating its trade and forcing it to submit to Prewitt's control. It is a major Enterprise base in rimward Foreven.

At Weepo the Avalars had a Naval base that customarily inspected almost every ship that enters the system. This is done to prevent smuggling, and the spreading of piracy into the Avalar Consulate. It is now the primary Quarantine base within the Piah, and the main entrance port for vessels intending to ride the upper Coil from Avalar into Beyond and Vanguard Reaches.

Ukardi, Iptete and Ronsk were made Avalaran client states, with their reluctant approval, by the Avalars in 1131 in anticipation of making them member worlds. Unfortunately, this gave encouragement, and created a forward base, for Consulate mischief in Urnian Subsector.

12 Worlds in the Piah Subsector
Bestala  •  Epepazap  •  Estyske  •  Hinatanpyl  •  Iptete  •  Kulse  •  Shortcut  •  Tapsa-64  •  Tewupo  •  Ukardi  •  Weepo  •  Wepwaci  •  

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