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Peter Trevor is a Traveller author, contributor, and fan.

  • He also goes by Peter L.S. Trevor AKA Hemdian.
  • A character in MWM's novel bears the same name.

Description (Biography)[edit]

Peter is a long-time Traveller player and fan. His interest in roleplaying stems from storytelling and simulation.

  • Born in the UK. Spent 8 years living near an RAF base, and 4 years near the Jodrell Bank radio telescope.
  • At the age of 15, moved to Calgary, Alberta (Canada).
  • President of the high school computer club.
  • University drop-out.
  • Has worked as a software developer on large business applications in the UK, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, and Canada, across multiple industries (including merchant banking, wholesale automotive parts, and travel). Has also worked small stints in retail and seismic exploration.
  • Was part of BITS and attended both the EuroGencon/GenconUK and DragonMeet game conventions many times (sometimes manning the stand or running demo games of Power Projection: Escort). At one convention, played a game of Traveller with Loren Wiseman and took him out for a Chinese meal afterwards.
  • Contributed a small part to the Power Projection: Fleet rules.
  • Has personally witnessed a terrorist bomb explosion.
  • Now lives in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia (Canada).
  • Took over a local writing club in Victoria and grew it from about 20 members to 1,672 at last count.

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