Passive Electromagnetic Spectrum Sensor

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Passive EMS
Type Sensor Equipment
Tech Level TL–10
Cost varies
Size varies
Weight varies

A Passive Electromagnetic Spectrum Sensor (Passive EMS) is a comprehensive and optimized collection of sensors and electronic systems assembled as a single compact unit.

Description (Specifications)

The Passive EMS array detects sources of energy by monitoring conditions across the EM Spectrum. When using the entire EMS array, a simultaneous scan is actually being constructed with four distinct sensor groups.

  • A long dipole or wire antenna detects long waves. This antenna can be extended as much as 130 meters.
  • One or more parabolic dishes are used for detecting short waves and microwaves.
  • There is a high density sensor for X-rays and gamma rays.
  • There is a traditional optical array which covers the infrared, visible, and ultraviolet bands of the EM spectrum.

Image Repository

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History & Background (Dossier)

Passive EMS is widely available from TL-10 onwards.

As technology advances, the camera (a basic passive visual sensor) is integrated with other electromagnetic sensors and computer enhancement, until the development of the first prototype integrated electromagnetic sensor array at TL-9.

The pictures generated by these sensors is put direction into computer memory, allowing the picture to be manipulated with ease; it can be instantly shrunk, enlarged or rotated with little loss of definition, and can be compared with another image to detect any change between the two. The picture is of course three dimensional.

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