Norris Aella Aledon

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Duke: Norris Aella Aledon
Duke of Duchy of Regina
Born 1063
Ascended 1098
Died 1157
Preceeded by Willem Caranda Aledon
Succeeded by Seldrian Aledon

Duke of Regina, Count Aledon, Marquis of Regina, Baron of Yori.

Description (Character)

Born 1063, second issue of Duke Willem Caranda Aledon and Fiorella Havasu Aella of Efate. The family symbol is the Bridled Steed, common to their coat of arms, penant, and other symbology.

History & Background (Biography)

Entered Imperial Naval Academy 1081; graduated with honors and commisioned ensign in the Imperial Navy 1084. Attended Imperial Staff College 1085. Promoted sub-lieutenant and posted to Diaspora 1086. Served in terrorist suppression on several worlds in Diaspora and Old Expanses sectors 1087-1088. Attended Staff College 1089. Promoted lieutenant 1090. Served in Diaspora 1090-1092. Promoted lieutenant commander and posted back to the Spinward Marches 1093. Assigned to Tactics College on Macene 1094-1096. Promoted commander 1097. Became heir to the Duchy of Regina upon the death of his elder brother William 1097. Leave of absence 1097-1098. Resigned commission 1098. Inherited Duchy of Regina 1098. Assumed command of Imperial forces in the Spinward Marches by authority of Imperial Warrant #1106/11 132-1109.

  • Norris was enjoying a successful career in the Imperial Navy when the accidental death of his older brother William in 1097, during what would turn out to be their father's last year of life, forced him rapidly into the unaccustomed role as the impending heir. As he was unmarried and had no heir, one precaution that he was convinced to take during this period was the creation of a clone which he insisted be female. This clone is Seldrian Aledon Aledon, still his heir.
  • Norris acceded to the Duchy of Regina in 1098, but it was not until the Fifth Frontier War was won thanks to his predictions and forethought in requisitioning reinforcements before the fact from Emperor Strephon that his reputation as a leader of the first rate was established.
  • As of 1115, Norris is still engaged in repairing the damages wrought by the recent war.

Alternate History

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