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name   Naval Architect's Manual
author   Doug Stewart Tony Lee
canon   Yes
caption   Naval Architect's Manual
contents   Introduction:5 Bridges:8 Briefing Rooms:14 Executive Conference Rooms:15 Captain's Offices:16 Weapon Workstations:17 Screens Workstations:21 Security and Brigs:23 Engineering:29 Maintenance:34 Sciences:37 Medical:40 Crew Staterooms:45 Crew Low Berths:49 Crew Commons and Mess:51 Passenger Staterooms:55 Passenger Low Berths:58 Passenger Commons:60 Cleon's Stateroom:62 Hangar Bays and Docking Facilities:64 Cargo Loading Areas:69 Fuel Port and Skimming Bays:73 Rescue/Emergency Launch bays:75 Clubs:80 Theaters:84 Game Rooms:88 Sporting Courts:90 Exercise/Personal Improvement Centers:94 Observation Lounges:99 Libraries:103 Trophy Rooms:106 Greenhouses:110
edition   1st
format   Book (Softback)
pages   112
publisher   Imperium Games
version   Marc Miller's Traveller
year   1997
language   English
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