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Mustell is a moon within the system at Tsorva (world).

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Within the Tsorva (world) system the Mustell moon has seen some strange activity. Covert Nist Military Forces have surreptitiously deployed some naval assets. Nominally the moon is uninhabited, and that is technically true. At most 9 pilots and their 20 dton fighters are left at one time. Or a 9 man marine protected forces squad will be left in the bunker when the fighters or bombers are called away, so the population 0 code officially still applies, and none are usually the wiser. The Nist crews and troopers refer to their presence as a FOP or OP, in their parlance this is a forward observation post. The ships here are not is service of Tsorva, they are here without official permission on a covert mission to keep other space borne navies in check. Their presence is tolerated in so far as the natives are almost completely unaware of their existence. And there is basically nothing they can do about their trespass.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Long after the Fringian Dark Ages, strategic operation concerns have necessitated making some military decisions. A tiny spaceport, barren and desolate is observable with a navigational satellite and automated emergency landing beacon. Unmanned, this base has been largely forgotten. At one point during the Nist War, prior to the the signing of the Rissa Accords a forgotten flotilla, an orphaned unit went missing.

The original unit was composed of primitive TL–9 vessels, obsolete. The fleet was moth-balled and more advanced designs came online. This squadron was built around a small carrier built on a converted commercial hull. A group of eight tankers and four scout/couriers completed the TankRon. The carrier had two squadrons of fighters. One squadron would be stationed here for system defense while the other would go on patrol with the fleet. Then they would switch for the remainder of their deployment.

These vessels were discovered powered down on a deep cometary orbit of the primary. The sleeping crews frozen and long dead, but the machines were recovered and refurbished for a tiny amount of money. With current mobilizations this reserve group is seen as a way to free up current front line forces for action in more dangerous and busy zones. They are plenty advanced for the likes of this backwater system.

The Nist Naval Vessels is a reserve colonial force. They patrol from here to secure the system and beyond, showing the flag for alliance forces in this fiercely independent region.

Hyperion class Escort Carrier[edit]

x1 NNV Hyperion class Escort Carrier

CVE-A2111C2-440000-40005-1 MCr. 553.832          1,000 tons
Bearing      1     1   1                         Crew: x43
Batteries    1     1   1                         TL-9
Cargo: 40 tons Low: 4   Fuel: 210 tons EP: 10 Agility: 0   Marines: x24
Craft: x1 40T Pinnace, x1 4T Air Raft, x1 10T ATV, x10 20T Fighters
Fuel Treatment:   Fuel Scoops and On Board Fuel Purification
Backups: x1 Model/3 fib computer
Architects Fee: MCr 5.538   Cost in Quantity: MCr 443.066 

They have 43 staterooms with single occupancy. The crew includes a pilot, navigator, 2 engineers, medical officer, 3 gunners, 11 flight crew and 24 marines.

The two squadrons fly two different fighter types with complimentary roles. The Void Sailors Nist Fighter Squadron 172nd NFS and the Enchanted 174th NFS alternate between the carrier and moon based deployment.

The P-12 Snub Fighter, call sign Agunda, is an ugly, brutish craft designed as an inexpensive space superiority interceptor. They have a pulse laser in the chin and a thick armored hide, stretched over their partially streamlined close structure hull. There is a bridge with two acceleration couches and a model 1 computer. The weapon system drains their agility. This is a short endurance weapons platform.

P-12 Agunda class Snub Fighter[edit]

x10 NNV P-12 Agunda class Snub Fighters

PF-0406611-600000-10000-0 MCr. 21.34              20 tons
Bearing           1                               Crew: x1 Pilot
Batteries         1                               TL-9
Cargo: 0.2 ton emergency locker Fuel: 1.2 tons EP: 1.2 Agility: 1 
x1 Pulse Laser
Fuel Treatment: Fuel Scoops  
Architects Fee: MCr 0.213   Cost in Quantity: MCr 17.072

The A-4 Bomber is a sleek, expensive black beauty designed for dual environment, deep penetration raids over enemy territory to deliver nuclear ordinance. They lack a bridge which reduces the efficiency of the model 3 computer. Extensive ECM and stealth is integrated into the streamlined hull. Lightly armored with EMS baffling armor platelets, it has a triple missile rail weapons array. The majority of the cost is associated with the massive power plant. They have a small craft stateroom for extended range life support.

A-4 Voodi class Strike Bomber[edit]

x10 NNV A-4 Voodi class Strike Bombers

FM-0206A21-100000-00002-0 MCr. 42.865                 20 tons
Bearing               1                               Crew: x1 Pilot
Batteries             1                               TL-9
Cargo: 0.5 missile magazine Fuel: 2 tons EP: 2 Agility: 5
Fuel Treatment: Fuel Scoops  
Architects Fee: MCr 0.429   Cost in Quantity: MCr 34.292

Henrick Krueden class Scout/Courier[edit]

x2 surviving NNV Henrick Krueden class Scout/Couriers

SC-1116631-000000-00002-0 MCr. 103.888                100 tons
Bearing               1                               Crew: x2 Pilot, Weapons Officer
Batteries             1                               TL-9
Cargo: 0 tons Fuel: 26 tons EP: 6 Agility: 5
Fuel Treatment: Fuel Scoops and On Board Fuel Purification
Architects Fee: MCr 1.039   Cost in Quantity: MCr 83.11

Only two of the original four of these scout couriers survived. It is believed that two were dispatched to get help and were interdicted by enemy forces. They are streamlined, fast and agile and armed with missiles and can jump twice on internal fuel stores. The crew share a single stateroom.

Hydrogen class Fleet Fuel Tanker[edit]

x1 surviving NNV Hydrogen class Fleet Fuel Tanker

AO-D5111C2-080000-00000-0 MCr. 103.888                4,000 tons
Bearing     4                                         Crew: x39
Batteries   4                                         TL-9
Cargo: 1.0 ton locker Fuel: 3,354 tons EP: 40 Agility: 0   Marines: x12
Fuel Treatment: Fuel Scoops and On Board Fuel Purification
Architects Fee: MCr 11.726   Cost in Quantity: MCr 938.11

There are 22 double occupancy staterooms, 11 command crew, 3 engineers, 5 gunners, 8 service, and a squad of 12 marines. These partially streamlined spheres carry a sand storm of 120 defensive casters organized into four impenetrable batteries. The remainder of the squadrons tankers were systematically destroyed prior to the enemy disengagement. The enemy raid had been intended to deprive the Nist fleets of their logistic support elements.

The ancient sub surface bunker vault is still protected from surface assault by a ring of anti-personnel flechette mine fields, for shredding protected forces vac suits. A battery of three missile silos with surface to space anti-shipping missiles was installed fire centralized fire control and tracking. These protect the central access shaft from marine attack. Built underground to resist ortillery bombardment, the secret military base has medical bays with low berths. This is technically not a military base, just a small number of prefabricated modules hastily buried and equipped with some minimal defenses.

The new crews sent here to operate these antiques and relics has a mixture of nostalgic pride blended with derision for they misfortune as misfits, unworthy of fleet deployment aboard more modern vessels.

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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