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|name={{World|Mercury|Spinward Marches|Mora|2624}}
|primary=F7 V
A non-industrial, agricultural world located in the [[Mora Subsector]] of the {{Sm}}. '''Mercury''' is a member of the {{Imperium}} and the system contains both a [[Naval Base|naval]] and a [[Scout Base|scout]] base.
The planet has a thin oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere and a cool climate. Cereal crops such as rice are grown in the swampy coastal areas while fruit is grown in the drier inland regions.  
There are multiple worlds with the name '''Mercury'''.  
* Use the following list to determine the exact world or system.
Both the [[Imperial Marines]] and [[Scout Service]] use Mercury for initial and advanced planetary training. These services maintain extensive training facilities, and these areas of the planet are generally off-limits to civilians.  
# {{World|Mercury (SM 2624)|Spinward Marches|Mora|2624}}
|S1=[[The Spinward Marches Campaign]]
# {{World|Mercury (SR 1827)|Solomani Rim|Sol|1827}}
|S2=[[GURPS Traveller: Behind the Claw]]
== Non-Canon ==
The naval and scout bases on this world are primarily for training. RQS and Marine personnel have access to a variety of facilities designed to mimic the various planetary conditions that they may encounter in the course of their tours. Large parts of the world are reserved as training ranges, and are off-limits to unauthorized personnel and civilians. Mercury handles all training for Regency Ranger and Hammerhead personnel as well, at high security facilities placed in orbit, and dirtside in the planets equatorial region.
{{Sources|S1=[http://www.downport.com/bard/bard/opal/opal9533.html BARD OPAL 9533] - [[Peter Gray]]}}

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There are multiple worlds with the name Mercury.

  • Use the following list to determine the exact world or system.
  1. Mercury/Mora (Spinward Marches 2624)
  2. Mercury/Sol (Solomani Rim 1827)