Medical Kit

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Medical Kit
Type Medical
Tech Level TL–7
Cost Cr2,000
Size 10 liters
Weight 10 kg

A Medical Kit is a portable unit containing basic medical supplies. It is designed to be used to provide immediate treatment to someone who is injured or who suddenly becomes ill. The bag or case is durable and resistant to the effects of climate and environment. It has handles and carrying straps for ease of retrieval and use. It includes multiple internal pockets that are clearly labelled.

The kit is primarily intended to treat minor injuries, but in capable hands it is also sufficient to treat serious wounds. Its contents can be used to assist with the treatment of radiation burns, chemical burns, poisoning, and drug overdoses. It can be used for the treatment of animal injuries

The TL–9+ versions include Skin Glue, which rapidly seals surface wounds and accelerates the healing process. Skin Glue is far superior to surgical glue or sutures and reduces the need for antibiotics and dressings.

More sophisticated versions of the kit may contain resuscitation equipment, surgical supplies, and diagnostic materials.

Tools in a standard medical kit include: A variety of small medical tools in sealed packets, hypoallergenic gloves (typically 2 pairs), simple fasteners such as safety pins, sharp scissors, thermal blanket, thermometer (typically electronic or a heat-reactive strip), torch, often head-mounted, with extra power cells, tourniquet, tweezers.

Sterile dressings to treat and protect injuries including adhesive bandages (plasters) in several sizes, adhesive sutures, elastic bandages, elasticated joint supports, fabric bandages, hemostatic pads, splints, sterile pads of different sizes, surgical glue or skin glue.

Items to aid and assist treatment: absorbent sheets, adhesive tape, antiseptic solution and wipes, chemical cold packs, chemical heat packs, dental repair kit, eyewash solution with eyebath, mouthpiece for giving CPR, soap, skincare products.

A medical kit may include a variety of drugs and pharmaceuticals. They are typically supplied in pill form and are taken orally, though some types of medication may need to be administered by inhalation or injection. If necessary, they are supplied with a suitable applicator. Drugs and pharmaceuticals are generally kept within a separate container inside the medical kit. They may include: Analgesics and Painkillers, Antibiotics, Antihistamine lotions and tablets, Antitoxins including treatments for bites and stings, an Autojector, Respiratory Inhaler, Opines.

Note that possession of common, widely available medical drugs may be illegal on some worlds or in some cultures. Being caught in possession of banned substances may carry very heavy penalties.

Documentation is provided with the medical kit in a diagrammatic, easy to follow format, typically on a wipe-clean plasticized paper. It provides instructions showing the correct usage of the various items contained within the kit and is generally written in multiple languages. The documentation typically includes: An up to date first-aid manual, A manifest of items including expiration dates, and a log of inspections, usage, and replacement.

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