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Imperial Marine Ranks
Imperial Marine Logo.jpeg
Commissioned Officers
O9 » Marshal-Commandant of the Corps
O8 » Brigadier-General (Marshal)
O7 » Brigadier
O6 » Coronel
O5 » Lieutenant Coronel
O4 » Force Commander
O3 » Captain (Force Captain)
O2 » First Lieutenant (Force Lieutenant)
O1 » Second Lieutenant (Force Ensign)
O0 » Cadet / Midshipman
Enlisted Ranks
E9 » Sergeant Major (Fleet Sergeant)
E8 » Master Sergeant (Ship / First Sergeant)
E7 » Leading Sergeant (Section Sergeant)
E6 » Staff Sergeant (Gunnery Sergeant)
E5 » Sergeant
E4 » Lance Sergeant
E3 » Corporal
E2 » Lance Corporal
E1 » Marine/Private (Private 1st Class)
E0 » Marine Recruit / Apprentice

The rank assigned to a person undergoing basic training in the Imperial Marines.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Once a person is enlisted into the Imperial Marines they undergo a period of basic training. During that time, that person will have the rank of Marine Recruit. On successful completion of the Imperial Marines Basic Training course, the individual is promoted to the rank of Marine.

Marine Apprentice[edit]

Marine Apprentices are Marine Recruits who are Navy volunteers. They go through an arduous selection process called "the Grinder"[1]. They are then on probation for a period afterwards until they are promoted to the rank of Marine. Those that fail the "Grinder" or are deemed unsuitable for promotion during probation are "sent down" to the Navy as Ordinary Space Hands.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The name Marine is a simple derivation from the descriptive term "A soldier in the Marine Corps". The "Marine Corps" in this description was, however, one serving pre-space wet-navies (the "Marine" being another name for "Sea") where those troops conducted "Expeditionary" and "Amphibious" operations. With the move into space, the "Amphibious" part of the term passed elsewhere.

The Recruit part of the name shows that the individual is newly recruited and still in training.

The rank, in the Imperial Marines, was listed in the documents establishing that Corps granted by Cleon I in the year 0.

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