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Formatting the date/year pages. The general outline was borrowed from the BattleTech wiki and Wikipedia.

  1. Each article must include the Template:Date with the correct year setting.
  2. The article should not have a reference section, and no Template: Sources.
  3. Each entry could be categorized under one of three headings: Events, Births, or Deaths. This follows the Wikipedia style.
  4. Each entry should be short & focused, requiring only one line of information.
  5. Each entry should have only one wiki link, leading to an article that will provide the details of the event.
  6. The article to which the entry is linked must reference the actual event.
  7. All entries should be preceded by the date, if known.
  8. All dated entries will be listed in chronological order.
  9. Undated entries will follow dated entries within that category, unless the sequence of events suggests the undated event occurred between two dated events.
== Events ==

== Births ==

== Deaths ==