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Little white books (LWB) are new printings of Traveller rules, published in quick succession by Marc Miller, starting in 2022.

LWB-1 is the Classic Traveller Facsimile edition: a lithographic reproduction of the 1981 LBBs, with errata added, combined into one perfect bound volume with a white cover and a black underline stripe. The interior text is a faithful scan of the original. In an effort to make the book more manageable, it is printed with slightly larger margin on a 6x9 page (the originals were 5-1/2 x 8-1/2). Relevant items from Don McKinney’s Consolidated Traveller Errata are contained in an appendix. Where possible, the errant text has been corrected (with no specific note) with a correction statement in the errata appendix. Larger errata (which cannot be made to fit without dislocating other text) are marked with a marginal symbol and a direction to the appendix.

LWB-1 is available as a scan-based PDF without OCR, and as a Print-On Demand perfect bound book.

LWB-2 is the Classic Traveller ReTypeset Edition: a faithful-to-the-original version, but re-typeset, and with added charts (that is, not just a scan of the original) and upgraded to 6x9 for better margins and readability. LWB-2 is one perfect bound volume with a white cover and a red underline stripe. In the process of retypesetting, the designer used the opportunity to insert errata corrections, to reword opaque or unwieldy constructions, and to restate concepts for better comprehension.

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