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A central facet of Droyne society and behaviour that the individual exists for the good of the community, rather than the more customary Human view to the contrary. For this reason, an individual deemed no longer worthwhile to the Oytrip customarily undergoes Krinaytsyu (voluntary death). The individual spends several hours in meditation, making use of the Droyne mastery of psionic awareness to turn off the body and mind. The individual dies painlessly and entirely by the force of its own will.

Krinaytsyu is the fate of most of those whose useful service to the community has ended (through age, or through the prediction of the coyns). It is also chosen by those Droyne who are cut off from their oytripin or dreskayin. It is also customary for those who challenge a leader's judgement and are proven wrong to commit Krinaytsyu. Leaders and other individuals in positions of great responsibility choose voluntary death when decisions turn out to be disastrous, thus clearing the way for new individuals to take their positions and solve the problems arising from the bad decision. Krinaytsyu requires several hours of meditation and concentration. It cannot be undertaken when concentration is impossible, and can be halted at any time before the end of the period if the individual finds new reason to live.

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