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|name= {{World|Knarrghdhaerthaghz (Kn 1404)|Knoellighz|Dzighkafe|1404}}
|uc    =
|popc  =
|zonec = green
|alg    = VaEx - NaVa
|class  =
|trade  =
|climate = TBD
|nblty  = -
|bases  = -
|primary =
|belts  =
|GGcount =
{{World summary |name= Knarrghdhaerthaghz (Kn 1404) |trade=Ni}}
{{World summary VaEx|sector= Knoellighz|subsector=Dzighkafe}}
== Description / Astrography & Planetology ==
At reception of the transmitted warnings, most commuting starships utilize the five Gas Giants in-system and then continue on to 100 Diameters without much fuss from the observation Naval Base in orbit over the mainworld.  Thus, Knarrghdhaerthaghz is a stepping stone system for points along the so-called ''Gateway to Ghoekhnael''.
|name          = Knarrghdhaerthaghz (Kn 1404)
|primary        = G3 V
|secondary      = G3 V
|PrimaryNotes  =
|SecondaryNotes =
=== System Data ===
No information yet available.
=== Mainworld Data ===
No information yet available.
==== Mainworld Geography & Topography ====
No information yet available.
=== Native Lifeforms ===
No information yet available.
== History & Background / Dossier ==
The Naval Base in orbit over the [[mainworld]] of Knarrghdaerthagz C3406BC-2 De He Ni Po Da was erected by concerned Vargr from Uerrgrueth (''Knoellighz'' 1505) to observe the local desert tribes' curious blend of martial law, intense invasion of privacy and survivial conditions in the Thin and Tainted atmosphere.  The Hellworld conditions that dropped the initial colonists' Tech Level to a meager 2 has reminded Urrgrueth that planetary colonization requires constant connection, supply and support to avoid the example of Knarrghdaerthaghz.  Transmitting from the Naval Base is a frontier Vargr version of an Amber Zone alert to the natures of the desert nomads on the mainworld below.  Extreme care in making contact with the locals is encouraged of inbound starships.
=== World Starport ===
{{Starport|name= Knarrghdhaerthaghz (Kn 1404)|Starport=B}}
=== World Technology Level ===
{{WorldTech|name= Knarrghdhaerthaghz (Kn 1404)|WorldTech=0}}
=== World Government ===
{{WorldGov|name= Knarrghdhaerthaghz (Kn 1404)|Government=0}} 
==== World Military ====
No information yet available.
=== World Economy ===
No information yet available.
==== Trade Data ====
No information yet available.
=== World Demographics ===
No information yet available.
=== World Culture ===
No information yet available.
==== Urbanization ====
No information yet available.
=== Historical Data ===
No information yet available.
==== World Timeline ====
No information yet available.
==== UWP Listing ====
No information yet available.
== References & Contributors (Sources) ==
|S1= {{Ludography cite|name=Vargr (Alien Module)|page=TBD}} {{CT}} (named but no further data)
|S2= {{Ludography cite|name=Zhodani (Alien Module)|page=TBD}} {{CT}} (named but no further data)
|S3= {{Ludography cite|name=Alien - Vilani & Vargr|page=TBD}} {{MT}} (dot map provided)
|S4= Author & Contributor: [[Michael Allyn Davis]] (generated data and names)
|S5= Author & Contributor: The Pakkrat
|S6= Author & Contributor: Lord (Marquis) and Master of Sophontology [[User:Maksim-Smelchak|Maksim-Smelchak]] of the [[Ministry of Science]]
[[Category: Vargr Extents worlds]]
{{LEN|Binary Star System|}}

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