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name   Kinunir class Vanguard Cruiser
architect   [[Timothy B. Brown]]
blueprint   Yes
canon   Yes. Published, canon starship design.
caption   TBD
cargo   30.0
configuration   Wedge Hull
cost   1,079.99 in quantity
crew   45
designation   EF
enlisted   34
hardpoints   12
illustration   Yes
image   Trav-Adv1-Kinunir.PNG
jump   4
lowberths   0
maneuver   4
model   [[Model/7]] [[Fib]]
officers   11
origin   Third Imperium
passengers   0
ref   ''[[The Kinunir|The Kinunir]]'' 10-11,17-29.
size   1,200
streamlining   [[Streamlined Hull]]
sizeCategory   ACS
TL   15
type   Vanguard Cruiser
usp   EF-A2447G2-000510-50202-0