Khouth Cluster

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The Khouth Cluster is an astrographic feature wholly located in Khouth Subsector.

Description / Specifications[edit]

Khouth Cluster cluster is hard on the Spinward edge of the Khouth Subsector. It contains seven worlds and two asteroid belts. To rimward, and partly to trailing as well, it is completely bordered by the Atadi Cluster. To spinward there is a jump-2 connection to the Million Trace. Coreward, there is a single connection via Tersta (Corridor 0102) that allows you cross into the Provence sector.

History & Background / Dossier[edit]

The history of this cluster is closely tied to that of Khouth (Corridor 0104) and Mikesh (Corridor 0206).

This is an old cluster, originally settled during the First Imperium. It was annexed to the Imperium in 5

Worlds & Sectors / Astrography[edit]

This astrographic feature is wholly found in the following areas:

World Listing: 1105[edit]

The following systems and worlds are associated with this astrographic feature:

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