Jacent Plane

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Jacent Plane
Tech Level TL–A
Mass 1 ton
Cost {{{cost}}}
Mode simple airframe, basic propeller airplane
Speed EMPTY maximum 160kph, cruise 120kph, minimum 40kph
Cargo 0
Crew 1
Passengers 4
Armament see below
This is designed as a bare minimum military plane.

Serving with the Jacent Resistance Forces, this Jacent (FH 2331) (world) designed plane has a crew of 1, pilot/gunner in a simple cockpit with simple controls. The simple subsonic airframe is locally manufactured and can carry four passengers.

Vehicle Dimensions: 60 m3 ready for combat, 20 m3 packed for shipping.
Total mass: 1 empty, 2.2 tons loaded.
Production Cost: Cr. 55,985.377
Movement: Maximum Empty 160kph/133cm, cruise 120kph/100cm, minimum/stall speed 40kph/33cm; Maximum Loaded 150kph/125cm, cruise 112.5kph/93.75cm; minimum 40kph/33cm.
Movement effect on fire: None
Turns: 45 degrees empty, 37 degrees loaded
Agility: 3/2 empty/loaded
Equipment: 100 power radio.
Power: 0.036775 megawatt power plant consumes 22.065 liters of fuel per hour, fuel capacity 83.2084 liters, enough for 3.77 hours. The basic propeller engines generate 0.2217916 tons of thrust for a 0.1337272 G rating empty and a 0.125 G rating loaded.
Weapons: There are two bomb racks, one under each wing (8 drag). The typical weapon load is 12 x 100 kg iron bombs with 24 cm HE warheads 34/6/5, which are included in the purchase price (+1.2 tons).
There is a stabilized HMG mounted in the nose. There is storage for 800 rounds, enough for 20 fire phases. It can engage eight targets and has a +2 signature. Its direct fire characteristics are:
Effective Long Extreme
50(6)+3 100(5)+2 150(3)+1
Vehicle: 12
Weapons: 0
Electronics: 1
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