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   size=10 tons|
   size=10 tons|
   volume=600m3 | cost  =Cr3,292,905.068
   volume=600m3 | cost  =Cr3,292,905.068
|mode=transonic VTOL airframe, basic turbofan airplane|
|mode=Flight (VTOL Jet Aircraft)
  speed= Loaded maximum 1,100kph, cruise 825kph, minimum 0kph
|type=Passenger Vehicle
|speed= Loaded maximum 1,100kph, cruise 825kph, minimum 0kph
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|1 = A
|2 = Goods
|3 = Vehicles
[[Category:Passenger Vehicle]]
[[Category:Military Vehicle|Aerospace Vessel|Aircraft|Jet Aircraft]]
[[Category:Paramilitary Vehicle]]

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Jacent Plane
Tech Level TL–10
Mass 10 tons
Cost Cr3,292,905.068
Mode Flight (VTOL Jet Aircraft)
Type Passenger Vehicle
Speed Loaded maximum 1,100kph, cruise 825kph, minimum 0kph
Cargo 0
Crew 1
Passengers 48
Armament TAC missiles

This is designed as a troop transport.

Serving with the Jacent Resistance Forces, this Jacent (FH 2331) (world) designed plane has a crew of 1, pilot/gunner in a complex cockpit with computer enhanced controls and an ejection seat. The transonic VTOL airframe is locally manufactured and can carry 48 passengers.

Vehicle volume: loaded combat ready 600m3, with wings removed for transport loaded 200m3.
Total mass: loaded : 10 tons
Production Cost: Cr. 3,292,905.068
Movement: Loaded Maximum 1,100kph/916cm, Cruise 825kph/687.5cm, Minimum speed 0kph.
Movement effect on fire: no effect
Damage Points: loaded: 100.
Agility: 18
Turns: Loaded 45 o Empty 75o
Equipment: Avionics, Basic ECM, map box, thermal image and image enhancement, 5,000 power radio, 10 power target acquisition radar, 10% maneuver enhancements.
Power: The transonic airframe mounts 0.5MW basic turbofan engines producing 15 tons of thrust and consuming 5.25 liters of fuel per hour, internal fuel capacity 744.8 liters, enough for 180 hours. Thrust to weight produce 1.36G's loaded. Range: loaded 112,200km with internal fuel.

There are forty tactical missile rails for 11.4kg homing HEAP 40 missiles. Missiles have a range of 24km and cost Cr. 314.9 each. A full load is included in the price. There is a defensive dispenser which can carry (100) 15cm smoke/chaff/flares


Vehicle: 12 Electronics: 11 Weapons: 120

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