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Interstellar Commerce is the lifeblood of most sophontic societies.

  • It is trade amongst the stars in the most generic aspect, but also facilitates the spread of societies, culture, technology trading, and a variety of other vital concerns.

Description (Specifications)

Many races of sophonts and interstellar societies have created a vast network of trade and commerce throughout Charted Space.

Trading Cultures: 1105

Some of the better known trading groups, by culture or race, include the following:

Merchants of the Major Races

Merchants of the Better-known Minor Races

Merchants of the Lesser-known Minor Races

No information yet available.

History & Background (Dossier)

With a few exceptions, all of the major and minor races of sophonts engage in active trade and commerce ventures.

  • There are isolated minor race cultures that do not engage in trade, but this is a rare and unusual occurrence.
  • Almost every culture, capable of space and/or starflight, enhances its prosperity through trade and commerce.

Technological Overview of Eochal Trade Periods

Please see AAB article Interstellar Trade within Charted Space for additional information.

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