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Inner Worlds are star-ward of the Habitable Zone.

  • Planet or world type.

Description / Specifications[edit]

Inner Worlds sit in orbits between the Habitable Zone of a star (if any) and the stellar surface. They can be of any average temperature from 323K or upwards and are generally below the temperature at which the planet vaporises. There are some exceptions when the planet is a Large Gas Giant that is orbiting very close to the star's radius - and these are often shedding atmosphere.

Other than Gas Giants, worlds in this zone are typically rocky. Most ices will have been baked from the orbit before the world formed, and free surface water becomes less and less likely as the temperature increases. Similarly, the atmosphere that can be retained by a planet will start to have heavier molecules predominate making its usability by typical oxygen-breathers less probable and potentially increasing the greenhouse effect significantly. The combination of chemical mix and temperature rapidly makes planets with atmospheres very hostile to most Sophonts.

The corollary to the atmospheric issues is that the proximity of the star enhances the probability of the world being tide-locked to the star. Such worlds are known (in Imperial space) as Twilight Zone Worlds. On such worlds, the twilight zone or dark zone of the world can still remain habitable when the bright face cannot.

History & Background / Dossier[edit]

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