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The Imperial palace is not strictly on Capital.

  • It is a space station or orbital megastructure, similar to a Highport that hangs over Capital like a gigantic steel ball.
  • Access is strictly controlled; the antigravity palace is, in reality, a safe, secure fortress for the Imperial family.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Imperial Palace is a marvel of architecture and technology.

Throne Room[edit]

The Long Hall stretches a hundred meters from the Visitors' Entrance to the Throne Room. Its floor is a crimson slidewalk flanked by glowing crystal pillars, while atop the pillars are the banners of the twenty sector Dukes whose fiefs make up the Third Imperium. When the Emperor holds court, the pillared area is filled with nobles and guests eager to witness the most important social events of the year.


At the far end of the slidewalk is the Octagon — the throne room itself.

In the center of the octagonal room is a triangular marble dais which supports the Iridium Throne. Behind the throne stand the standards of the Imperium. To the left is the crest of the Emperor's family; to the right is the crest of the Empress's family; in the center (and twice the size of the other two standards) is the Imperial sunburst. Behind the throne is a grand vista of the skyline of the city below, which is actually a projected holographic image display. Image projectors can project information, data, or pictures for the court or the Emperor as desired.

Iridium Throne[edit]

The shining Iridium Throne is often considered the most important symbol of the Emperor.

The throne is a teardrop shaped hemisphere mounted on a powered rotating base. All possible comforts are provided for the Emperor by this throne, as well as a fair degree of armor protection. Traditionally, the Emperor sits in his Iridium Throne and receives the new nobles of the Imperium, entertains guests and ambassadors, and views recorded messages from high ranking nobles requesting aid or assistance.

Imperial Guard[edit]

The Imperial Guard consists of eleven regiments of highly trained, superbly equipped troops dedicated to the protection of the Emperor and the Imperial palace.

Accepted as one of the elite formations of the Imperial armed forces, the Imperial Guard is a respected unit with a long and honored tradition. One purpose of the Imperial Guard is to provide a symbol of political unity for the Imperium. One regiment is drawn from each of the seven Domains of the Imperium, with each serving a one month tour of duty as honor regiment in rotation.

The current honor regiment is the llelish Guard, drawn from the Domain of the Archduke of llelish.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Situated in the city of Cleon on Capital, the Grand Palace of the Third Imperium is the third generation of such structures built to house the ruling families. The first of these, the Grand Palace of Cleon, was begun in -7 and completed in -5 under the direction of Cleon I, the founder of the Third Imperium.

Martin II, a man of diverse cultural interests and a remarkable love for art, architecture, and the sciences, came to the throne in 195, in an era of calm and relatively peaceful expansion prior to the advent of the Vargr Campaigns in 210. The second of the palaces was the fruit of his passions. Construction began in 195 and ended in 200, with much of the design work being done by Martin II himself.

The third Grand Palace was begun in 629 and finished in 633 by Empress Arbellatra, whose reign marked the close of the Civil War and brought an end to the Emperors of the Flag. The political climate in the core today is certainly more stable than in the time of Arbellatra; still, the structure retains a portion of its military flavor, though in an unobtrusive way.

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