Image Converter Binoculars

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Image Converter Binoculars
Type Sensory Aid
Tech Level TL–10
Cost Cr1,500
Size 1 liter
Weight 1.25 kg

The Image Converter Binoculars are sensitive to both infrared and visible light, and thus picks up both heat images and visible-light pictures, combining the features of standard electronic binoculars with Image Intensification and IR sensitivity. They have a short range of 250 meters in either mode. The converter intensifies these images, allowing night-vision, and magnifies them up to 20 times. Automatic polarizers cut in if the image is bright enough to blind. A laser rangefinder is also included to measure the precise distances to selected objects.

Special hardware/software clips are available for hand computers that expand the capabilities of the image converter. When hooked up to a computer using a graphics clip, the image converter can be tied into a map box (allowing others to see what the user sees), and e1ectronic "photographs" can be stored in the computer memory. Another clip allows the computer to calculate the speed of a target relative to the user.

Physically, the image converter is similar to a set of binoculars. Power packs are mounted inside the converter casing and average one week of constant use.

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