Iltharan Empire

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The Iltharan Empire (also know as the Drexilthan Empire was highly expansionistic Reaver empire that burst onto the scenes around -1000 after receiving jump drive technology from the Reaver warlord, Grand Admiral Izanak, who crashed on their homeworld of Drexilthar (Reaver's Deep 1826). They quickly absorbed Drexilthar and portions of adjacent subsectors. They only stopped expanding when the encountered the fledgling Principality of Caledon in -86. While building up forces at Ildrathir (now Victory (Reaver's Deep 2017)) in preparation to invade the Principality, they were attacked by a Caledonian strike force that defeated the Iltharan Star Navy.

The Principality engineered the rebellion of Duncinae (Reaver's Deep 1624), Ranald (Reaver's Deep 1526) and Fulton (Reaver's Deep 1524). This along with the expanding Aslan Hierate and Third Imperium began the long downfall of the Empire, over the course of the next 300 years. The final blow came when the Imperial White Navy bombarded Drexilthar in 268.

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