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Description (Specifications)[edit]

A very old clan grown into a proper Noble House, widespread across the Imperium and intermarried into almost every major noble family, with titles and property in every sector of the Imperium and substantial holdings outside of it. The family has founded universities, charitable organizations, and foundations almost without number, and has wealth and social connections rivaling those of the Emperor.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The various members of the family own 74% of Hortalez et Cie -- which in turn owns significant interests in General Products, GSbAG, Instellarms, Ling-Standard Products, Makhidkarun, Naasirka, SuSAG, Sharurshid, Sternmetal Horizons, and Zirunkariish. This web of holdings gives the clan tremendous influence over Imperium-wide commerce.

The Hortalez Family Trust controls the family's financial interests, including its shares of Hortalez et Cie. This institution is administered by representatives of the senior branches of the family, and has its main office on Capital in the Hortalez Arcology. The current Chairman of the Board and chief administrator of the trust is Sir David Hutara Hortalez, Marquis of Tallern, K.O.S.C.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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House Members of Distinction[edit]

  • Lucienne Hortalez, founded Hortalez et Cie in 221
  • Merri Kimmon Hortalez. Wife of Duke Pellinor Esfahan Muendor of Lode.
    • Elia Hortalez Muendor (born 235-1097). Youngest child of Duke Pellinor and Lady Merri.
  • Harlan Aella Hortalez. Born 1022. Former chief administrator of the family trust, retired in 1108.
  • David Hutara Hortalez. Marquis of Tallern, K.O.S.C.. Nephew of Harlan. Current chief administrator of the family trust.
  • Mala Upamwe Hortalez.
Era: Milieu 1120 (Click Show to reveal)
  • Harlan Hortalez died of a stroke in early 1124, 101 years old.

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