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Type Computer
Tech Level TL–13
Cost Cr1,000
Size 10 mL
Weight 0.01 Kg

Holocrystals are a data storage medium, a specific version of the Data Crystal. It is an advanced computer memory technology for the TL–13 period throughout most of Charted Space.

Silicon and other memory types are gradually replaced with three-dimensional storage array devices that resemble crystals. The standard size of these crystals is ten milliliters, and they are usually 2cm in diameter and 5cm long, and faceted for orientation, but they can be larger. Direct application of heat or light energy above normal levels will damage the crystals or destroy the data, and in extreme cases the crystals may explode.

The crystals are usually made of diamond scaffolding that supports the internal structures and have internal nanotube wiring that is invisible with common microscopes but can be destructively identified with advanced scanning electron microscopes. These crystals use internal holographic memory structures to store about one petabit of information, and cost anywhere from Cr1,000 at TL–13, to Cr20,000 in less advanced worlds. The crystals can be worn as jewelry but are currently not fashionable in more advanced cultures.

These crystals require a computer system and interface of at least the technology level of the crystal itself.

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