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In 410, the Hivers began moving the Hive Federation capital from Guaran to Glea. The move ended in 490. Glea itself was settled by the Hivers in -866. The Hiver calendar is based on the period of Glea around its star, New Primary. The calendar was adopted at the urging of M. Martinka.

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Basic Units[edit]

  • Glea rotates on its axis once in 22 standard hours. This is called a "cycle" by the Hivers.
  • The Hive Federation year is 143 cycles, or about 179 standard days, in length.
  • Glea orbits New Primary with a period of 358 standard days; consequently there are slightly more than two Hiver years to every standard/Imperial year.

Base Point[edit]

The Hiver calendar commences with the year 1, cycle 001, on which Glea officially became the capital of the Hive Federation (IY 410).

Date Format[edit]

Dates are expressed by year/cycle; for example: 105/042.

Date Equivalents[edit]

1111 = 1401

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