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Traveller Version

This section deals with the OTU History and (ATU and IMTU Alternate History) of the Traveller universes.

  • Where versions of Traveller differ from the canon time line, this is noted.
  • This view is humano-centric, as almost all characters are assumed to be human.
  • Dates are given using the Third Imperium dating system unless otherwise noted.
  • Please see Date Conversion for more information.
  • Please also see Category:Milieus or Milieu.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

With nearly forty years of history as of early 2017 and an authorship of hundreds of individuals, perhaps thousands, Traveller history in game terms is pretty hard to coordinate and align. FFE and Marc Miller determine what the canon OTU is, but that doesn't discount other Traveller history, it just means that you as a fan and reader can integrate it into your own ATU or IMTU.

Traveller Game Eras & Editions (1977-2017)[edit]

Traveller Game Eras & Editions (1977-2017)
Setting Dates Era Name (Milieu) Primary Setting Events Associated Game/s Game Edition Pub. Date
(-2404 to -2203) Interstellar Wars First Imperium (Ziru Sirka) & Interstellar Wars GURPS Traveller: Interstellar Wars 06th Edition 2002
(-2204 to -1776) Rule of Man Collapse of First Imperium & Rule of Man (Second Imperium) GURPS Traveller: Interstellar Wars 06th Edition 2002
(-1775 to 0) Long Night Collapse of Second Imperium & Long Night T4: Marc Miller's Traveller 04th Edition 1996
(-25 to 75) Milieu 0 Third Imperium Founding & Sylean Federation T4: Marc Miller's Traveller 04th Edition 1996
(985 to 1002) Milieu 990 Third Imperium & Solomani Rim War Traveller D20 07th Edition 1977
(1100 to 1117) Milieu 1116 Third Imperium Base (Original) Setting & Fifth Frontier War Classic Traveller & Traveller5 (T5) 01st Edition 1977
(1116 to 1130) Milieu 1120 GURPS Traveller: Alternate Setting (Timeline with no Rebellion) GURPS Traveller 05th edition 1998
(1117 to 1130) Rebellion AKA Hard Times Collapse of Third Imperium (Rebellion) & Regency MegaTraveller 02nd Edition 1986
(1190 to 1220) New Era Reformation Coalition & Virus/New Era Traveller: The New Era 03rd Edition 1992
(1221 to 1300) Fourth Imperium Fourth Imperium Traveller: The New Era 03rd Edition 1992
(1221 to 1300) Milieu 1248 Fourth Imperium Traveller: The New Era 08th Edition 2006
(1301 to 1500) Collapse Collapse and Interregnum Traveller5 12th edition 2015+ (Future)
(1780 to 1840) False Spring The False Spring Traveller5 12th edition 2015+ (Future)
(1900+) Galaxiad The Galaxiad Traveller5 12th edition 2015+ (Future)

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

These are some of the stock time periods set out by custom, fans, and literature. It doesn't all match up neatly.

  • Traveller owes a great debt to Donald McKinney whose exhaustive timeline helped to coordinate early fan and publisher efforts. He will be sorely missed.
  • Please see Setting for more information.

Ancient Times[edit]

  • Milieu (Setting):
    • Not a published setting. Only used for background.


  • Milieu (Setting):
    • Not a published setting. Only used for background.

First Imperium (Ziru Sirka)[edit]

Second Imperium (Rule of Man)[edit]

Third Imperium (Imperial Base Setting / Default)[edit]

Post-Third Imperium (Fourth Imperium)[edit]

Galaxiad (1900+)[edit]

  • TBD - Dates

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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