Haggard Station

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Forward RISS scout base found on Haggard/Antra (Deneb 2409). The scout base was one of the few in the Third Imperium to be constructed completely underground, as it was originally an underground containment facility used by the Exploratory Office for samples it had found during its wanderings. When the Collapse hit, the base was abandoned by the Regency, and its personnel were evacuated safeside. After the Rape of Trin, however, an RQS survey team discovered that the base was virtually intact, despite several attempted Vampire intrusions. With the Regency reexpanding its surveillance net back into trailing Deneb, intelligence gathering and liason with local free traders were seen as very important, and the base was reoccupied in 1141.

Haggard Station is less a military outpost than a trade and contact station, though a full battalion of marines defend it full time. Most people Passing through the Frontier use the world as a transit point, and a number of free traders come here to trade useful salvage or information with the scouts for needed manufactured goods or maintenance. Scouts and Quarantine personnel use its secure containment facilities to examine either salvage reclaimed in the Wilds, or to test captured or recovered technology for Virus infection. It is fitted with medical clinics and schools that attract free trader patronage, and many trader collectives take advantage of the incentives offered by base security.

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