Grav Vehicles

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Grav Vehicles
Volume 1
Author Colin Dunn
Publisher Colin Dunn
Version Mongoose 2nd
Format PDF
Language English
Pages 8
Year Published 2021
Canonical No
Available from DriveThru RPG
Traveller Aid Society Community Content

For Traveller games set in any milieu, this book contains 10 grav vehicles from Tech Level 9 to Tech Level 15. From a grav bike that is almost too fast to control, to a hybrid speeder/grav tank, and many vehicles in-between, this book present an array of useful and common vehicles that Travellers may encounter in thier journeys.

At the end of the book are new rules, equipment and weapons for any Traveller vehicle, including the infamous VRF gauss gun.


Colin Dunn

Table of Contents[edit]

Grav Vehicles
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