Gram class Grav Tank

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Tech Level TL–11
Mass 218 tons
Cost Mcr13.282
Mode Flight (Grav)
Type Main Battle Tank
Speed 960kph
Cargo 3.2kl
Crew 3
Passengers 0
Armament Plasma PA-11, 30mm Autocannon

This Sword Worlds Gram class grav tank is heavy on armor and power, very light on sensors.

Please see Grav tank, Gravcraft and/or Gravity control technology for more information.

Gram Basic Grav Tank Profile[edit]

Gram Basic Grav Tank Profile
TL Designation Name Tank Class Mass Primary User Main Armament/s Secondary Armament/s Mobility Mode Armor Class Primary Manufacturer Date of Introduction
TL-11 Classified Gram grav tank Main Battle Tank (MBT) 218 tons Sword Worlds Confederation Plasma PA-11 30mm Autocannon 0960kph Gravitic Flight Classified Sword Worlds Confederation Classified

Gram Grav Tank (Vehicles) Description[edit]


Gram Grav Tank (Vehicles) Strategy & Doctrine[edit]

It is used in massive battle lines where it can rely on data from forward observers and deployed sensors. This is typical of the brute force approach used by Sword Worlds in combat.

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