Gadden (world)

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Gadden (0106-D893200-8) a backwater world of little importance in the Harlequin Subsector. Gadden is 13,000 kilometers in diameter with a dense tainted atmosphere and perhaps 30% liquid oceans. Although Gadden is listed as the major world in the system; it has a population numbering less than a thousand, and no formal government or law level. Local technology is virtually all imported and hovers at relatively low levels. The importance of Gadden is not readily apparent, and is not widely known. The local ecology has produced several strains of green plant which provide the psychochemicals used in the production of combat drug. As would be expected, the plants in the wild merely provide base chemicals which must be further refined. In addition, it is not clear that the drugs themselves are superior to those currently in distribution throughout the Imperium.

The small population of Gadden is devoted to a small mining camp exploiting some rich and easily processed veins of simple metals. Most of the world surface is unexplored.

- Source: Double Adventure 3 Death Station


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